The Story of the Duquesne Weekend
as told by participants David Mangan and Patti Gallagher Mansfield
on the occasion of the 53rd Anniversary Weekend.

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The Catholic Charismatic Renewal has been tremendously blessed by being able to acquire the historic site of The Duquesne Weekend and reclaim The Ark and The Dove.  As prophesied during the 50th Anniversary Celebration, “I did not bring you to a museum…but to empower my church for this time.”

Our vision is to foster UNITY and to extend the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit to all generations.

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Pentecost 2020 – All 7 sessions of the Life in the Spirit Seminar below.

Session 7 – Transformation in Christ

Session 6 – Growth

Session 5 – Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Session 4 – God’s Gift

Session 3 – The New Life

Session 2 – Salvation

Session 1 – God’s Love


Each day’s session will be released for viewing at midnight EDT  (UTC-4) and be available throughout the week.

View the sessions anytime at your convenience on this website, YouTube, and Facebook.

Experience a special worldwide Life in the Spirit Seminar from your home.

As  we approach Pentecost during this pandemic, The Ark and The Dove seeks to share with the world the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Each day’s session will be released for viewing at midnight EDT (UTC-4) and be available throughout the week.
All English sessions will have Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

  May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30
God’s Love Salvation The New Life Receiving God’s Gift Baptized in the Spirit Growth Transformation in Christ
Worship Sylvia Mariella (in Spanish) Leslie Bertucci Fr. Levi Hartle Olivia Ferreira (in Portuguese) Fr. Levi Hartle Noah Pepmeyer

Leslie Bertucci


Testimony Andrés+Kathia Arango (in Spanish) Kevin+Casey Sprehe Oreste Pesare Sergio+Katia Roldi (in Portuguese) Alicia Hartle Alex Lorio Br. James Shin
Teaching Jim Murphy Michelle Moran Fr. Wilfried Brieven Patti Mansfield David Mangan Charles Simpson Cyril John 

Then on Pentecost Day, May 31st, watch the world premier of “The Story of the Duquesne Weekend” as told by two of the participants, David Mangan and Patti Mansfield.