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Through reclaiming the historic site of the “Duquesne Weekend,” The Ark and The Dove, home of Baptism in the Holy Spirit, we seek to foster unity with those who have received this outpouring and to extend that grace for generations to come.

The Ark and The Dove invites you to join our family as a volunteer! As a non-profit organization committed to spreading Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and operating a fully-functioning Retreat Center, we rely on volunteers to help accomplish our mission and vision. We have opportunities for in-person volunteering, virtual volunteering, groups and individuals, and a wide variety of skills. Join our volunteer network and start today!

Outside Grounds Keeping

Spring Cleanup

Trails & Walking Paths

Garden Club (Flower Beds)

Inside Housekeeping

Spring Cleaning (Neat & Clean)

Set Up & Reset

Inventory Household Goods & Equipment



Receiving Guests

Weekend Host Couples

Substitution for Administrator/Director


Inventory Office Goods & Equipment


Brochures/Hospitality Packages/Programs



Set Up & Reset

Prayer Teams


Pick Up & Drop Off

Pilgrimages Shuttle Buses

Contact Parking Overflow

When you sign up to join our volunteer network, you will make your own profile with your skills, interests, and availability. Then, you will be able to see opportunities that might fit your volunteer interests! Even if you are not sure how soon you would like to start, we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer! We will post new opportunities often, and we will contact you if there is something that meets your volunteer interests!

Contact us with questions!

Put yourself completely under the influence of Jesus, so that He may think His thoughts in your mind, do His work through your hands, for you will be all-powerful with Him to strengthen you.

Mother Teresa

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