Patti Mansfield


People frequently ask me if I ever get tired of telling the story of the Duquesne Weekend. I never do, because it’s a love story – the story of God’s gracious and extraordinary response to the prayer of some very ordinary people. In Luke 11 Jesus says, “Ask and you...
David Mangan


David Mangan shares his experience as one of the participants of the “Duquesne Weekend” in February 1967, the weekend from which the Catholic Charismatic Renewal had its...
Duquesne Weekend Testimony


Patti Gallagher Mansfield的Duquesne周末人们经常问我是否厌倦了讲述Duquesne周末的故事。我从来没有做过,因为这是一个爱情故事–这个故事是上帝对一些非常...