There is a two-pronged fundraising initiative being conducted to fund the purchase – (1) a wholesale strategy in which major partners will participate and (2) a retail strategy in which individuals and groups can participate with smaller donations

The fundraising campaign is focused on raising $1.5 million by the scheduled closing date in late December 2015, with a majority of such funds raised in cash before the end of the first 60 day due diligence period.

It is anticipated that there will be several major “partners” who will jumpstart the fundraising campaign to attract other major donors, both organizations and individuals.

Once several partners have been identified, they will assist in the fundraising through their organizations and networks, as well as participating in several fundraising events, such as webinars.

The fundraising campaign is global in scope and includes those involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, covenant communities, and other ecumenical groups.