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Renewal Purchases Site Where New Pentecost in Catholic Church Began

Gibsonia, PA, December 18, 2015 – The Ark and The Dove, Inc. today announced the purchase of the historic site of the “Duquesne Weekend” where nearly 50 years ago the Holy Spirit fell in power on a handful of Duquesne University students. Many in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and others baptized in the Holy Spirit trace their beginnings back to this event.

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household, said: “I cannot but rejoice over the decision…to buy The Ark and The Dove retreat house where the Catholic Charismatic Renewal had its first visible manifestation back in 1967. How we would be happy if we could purchase the Jerusalem Cenacle where the first Pentecost took place!” With Fr. Cantalamessa’s endorsement, “the humble place where the ‘new Pentecost’ in the Catholic Church began” has been purchased for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal worldwide “keeping the flame burning till it reaches the whole Church.”

Expounding on the vision of this historic purchase, Johnny Bertucci, Chairman of The Ark and The Dove, Inc., exclaimed: “In response to Pope Francis’ commission to the Renewal, in the hopes of unifying the many expressions of the Renewal, in anticipation of the Jubilee and the 50th anniversary of the Duquesne Weekend, to reclaim our historic site, to proclaim the love of God though His Son Jesus in the POWER of the Holy Spirit, The Ark and The Dove can be that rallying point for the Renewal worldwide.”

The four-fold usage of the facility will be as follows:

  • Pilgrimage Destination – for those baptized in the Holy Spirit and those interested in this grace.
  • Retreat Center – for spiritual renewal by the Holy Spirit for laity, clergy, and religious.
  • Resource Center – for those interested in understanding and fostering the charisms.
  • Praise and Worship Events – for days of renewal and empowerment.

Isaiah 54:2-3 inspires the vision of The Ark and The Dove: “Widen the space of your tent, extend the curtains of your home, do not hold back! Lengthen your ropes, make your tent-pegs firm, for you will burst out to right and to left, your race will dispossess the nations and repopulate deserted towns.”

Towards this end, we seek UNITY through a diverse worldwide board. We will engage the various streams, cultures, expressions, and others espousing baptism in the Holy Spirit to more effectively promote the New Evangelization. In keeping with Pope Francis’ charge for unity, we desire to come together to give testimony to the single current of grace while maintaining our individual charisms.

For further information, contact:
Johnny Bertucci, Chairman
The Ark and The Dove, Inc.
10745 Babcock Blvd. | Gibsonia, PA 15044 | (800) 641-5101 |

Johnny Bertucci signing the Act of Sale for The Ark and The Dove

Johnny Bertucci signing the Act of Sale for The Ark and The Dove

Download a copy of this Press Release Here!