18th International Conference of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships

The conference will take place in AUGUSTA, GEORGIA and is being hosted by the Alleluia Community.

by Rev. Mr. Darrell G. Wentworth

The new service of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, CHARIS, will come into effect at Pentecost 2019.
The upcoming 18th International Conference at the end of June is a huge opportunity for us to come together as a unified community and pray though these changes while also growing in our faith. In addition to the general weekend conference, there will be an extra day on Thursday for deeper exploration of the formation of CHARIS and the future of the Renewal.
We understand travel expenses and time away can be prohibitive. In the modern era of communication, we have made arrangements to live stream all the sessions from Thursday to Sunday, have chat rooms available for distance discussion, and have the videos with translations available on a secure website until Pentecost 2019. If this is something you are interested in as a way to still connect, grow in faith, and learn about the upcoming changes if you are unable to directly travel to the conference, please register as soon as you can at www.awakeningthedomesticchurch.com/cfregistration and spread the information to your group.
Deacon Darrell is a member of The Ark and The Dove Worldwide Council of Advisors, and the Liaison for the Catholic Fraternity’s North American Leaders.
More information about the conference can be found here: http://www.catholicfraternity2018.org/